Purposefully and thoughtfully creating a home environment that serves you well; physically, spiritually and emotionally.


From our perspective it speaks to intentionality. To purposefully and thoughtfully creating a life and surroundings that serves you well; physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Most people plan carefully around their finances, engaging someone with know-how to ensure that their financial health is sound and will support their well-being and longevity. What if we paid that same stewardship to our homes, our lifestyle, fulfilling our lifetime aspirations?

It is proven that great design, filled with thought and intention, can reap benefits to people. Whether that is a specific layout of the home, the desire for a meditation room or even if you are right or left handed and how that affects your movement in the kitchen, design serves as a base for life betterment.

Here are some case studies of some of our clients who have made specific choices when working with our firm as to how they want to live, what is important to them, and what improves their sense of well-being in every aspect. They are living the designed life.

Designed Life Portfolio

Mary and Tom

Tom and Mary's Designed Life stairway
True Interior design is an alchemy of science and aesthetics. A process which takes structure, desired usage, budget, safety considerations and creative inspirations and then drives it to a whole other level.

Innovative. Inventive. Inspired.

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