Modern Prairie Home at White Oaks Savanna

True Interior design is an alchemy of science and aesthetics. A process which takes structure, desired usage, budget, safety considerations and creative inspirations and then drives it to a whole other level.

Innovative. Inventive. Inspired.

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In a bold new east-side development, White Oaks Savanna, the land is king. Every home is built with strict height specifications and limited landscaping area with the rest being dedicated to the prairie that dominates this area.

The focus of the design was to quiet the materials, colors, and let the views speak for themselves. But for this active family, casual living that is warm, inviting and prime for gathering meant that the design had to account for hard use and durability. From the black exteriors to the spare sense of visual distraction, this home strikes a harmonious tone throughout.

In Collaboration with:
Christopher Strom Architects
Redstone Architectural Homes