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True Interior design is an alchemy of science and aesthetics. A process which takes structure, desired usage, budget, safety considerations and creative inspirations and then drives it to a whole other level.

Innovative. Inventive. Inspired.

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It was an honor to continue our work with Benilde St. Margaret school, helping to bring to life their center for collaborative and innovative learning called The Cube. The Cube is a space that students and instructors can gather to take advantage of communal workspaces, the latest in video conferencing, learning programs, 3D printers, and an IT support center.

We visited multiple local corporate environments to learn how collaborative work areas are implemented in real life, giving students the ability to have a comfort level with real-life business situations from the get-go. The entire space is reconfigurable based on the needed space for the project, including private conference rooms. It lets the students leverage the latest technologies to elevate their synergetic group skills and projects.

In Collaboration with:
Miller Dunwiddie
The Opus Group