Our Team

Led by Christine Frisk, the InUnison Design team includes interior designers, project managers, and other residential and commercial design experts. Great projects start here.

We’re Proud of Our Team!

It takes years of schooling and practice to achieve the innumerable proficiencies that great Interior Design depends upon. Requiring equal considerations of function, budget, communication and beauty; we engage four-year degreed designers that are as competent in drafting an intricate tile elevation as they are in designing a custom sofa, mixed-in with just a few psychological skills.

Here are a few of the team members you’ll likely meet on an InUnison Design project.

Christine Frisk

Christine Frisk, Principal and Founder

Jessica Bliven
Project Manager

Olivia Jones
Project Designer

Eva Paavola
Project Designer

Julie Mathie
Business Manager

Elizabeth Frisk
Office Manager

Our Process

As our name suggests, the InUnison Process is collaborative, harmonious, and rewarding. We create, direct, and manage the right team—and the right process—for your project.
True Interior design is an alchemy of science and aesthetics. A process which takes structure, desired usage, budget, safety considerations and creative inspirations and then drives it to a whole other level.

Innovative. Inventive. Inspired.

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