As our name suggests, the inunison process is collaborative, harmonious, and rewarding. we create, direct, and manage the right team—and the right process— for your PROJECT. 

1 / discovery

As the first and most important step in the InUnison Design process, discovery is a balance of left-brain analysis and right-brain visualization. We meet with your team to understand your objectives, goals, mission, and vision. From there, we take detailed measurements of each space and assess energy sources and how the light falls throughout the day. We also create a detailed inventory of your furnishings, equipment, lighting, artwork, and other elements. We then use this information to begin designing interiors that tell your story in a distinctive and compelling way.


2 / Schematic Design

During this second phase of the design process, InUnison's signature creativity really begins to flow. After drawing up detailed space plans, we develop two initial design concepts with color palettes for your review. We also present fabric swatches, paint samples, and images of lighting, furnishings, fixtures, and other details to help you envision the finished spaces.


3 / Design Development

After the initial design concepts and color palettes have been approved, we work closely with the architecture and construction teams to create detailed elevations for each space with specific placement for every item, color, and material for each area. We also collaborate with project teams to select all the many details—sustainable wall coverings and flooring, handcrafted rugs, energy-efficient lighting, European and American-made fabrics, artisan hardware, and original art—that elevates the project from ordinary to extraordinary.


4 / Construction Documentation

Throughout the process, but especially during this critical phase, we're guided by the words of architect Mies van der Rohe, who famously observed, "God is in the details." Using advanced software and decades of experience, we create detailed, commercial-caliber construction and contract documents that provide developers, contractors, and craftspeople with vital information about materials, finishes, fixtures, and other details. During this phase, we also design, specify, and order furnishings, lighting, window treatments, and other elements.


5 / Project Management

As part of our collaborative approach, we love working in unison with architects, contractors, landscape architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, and artisans. Using a rigorous process based on commercial best practices, we maintain timelines, budgets, and key deliverables to ensure project success.


6 / Implementation

We conduct weekly team meetings with detailed written minutes for clarity and consensus. We arrange regular site visits and walk-throughs to ensure that the project is unfolding according to plan. We also place the orders for floor coverings, window treatments, furniture, custom art and accessories, and other elements. We approve samples and strike-offs, and oversee delivery, installation, and placement so that when key stakeholders experience the new spaces, they are infinitely more beautiful than they could have imagined.